Character Video Message


Magic Delivered to Your Inbox: Character Video Messages! 🌈

Hello, families of the West Midlands! Guess what? You can now gift your little ones a dash of wonder right into your very own living room, no matter where you are – from the bustling streets of Birmingham to the serene landscapes of Worcestershire and Gloucestershire.

A Personal Touch of Enchantment ✨

Through the marvels of technology, our delightful characters are just a click away from sending personalised cheer directly to you. Imagine a bespoke 5-7 minute video message, crafted with love and magic, landing in your inbox. And here’s the best part – it’s not just any message. Picture the gleam in your child’s eyes as their favourite character reveals a special surprise just for them, making moments that much more memorable.

Keepsakes that Last a Lifetime 💌

These aren’t just video messages; they’re keepsakes to treasure forever. Whether it’s a birthday, an achievement, or just a day when your child needs a little lifting, our character video messages promise to be those magical reminders of joy, excitement, and wonder.

Sending smiles and surprises has never been easier, or more enchanting. Let us help you make an ordinary day extraordinary with a personal touch from their favourite character. It’s a wonderful way to add a little extra magic to your gift-giving, creating memories that will stick with your family for years to come.

Ready to light up your child’s day with a surprise they’ll never forget? Let’s make magic happen together – order your personalised Character Video Message today and bring a world of wonder into your home!

Bringing joy and enchantment directly to you, because in the West Midlands, magic is just a message away! 🌟