Witches & Wizards


Enter the Enchanted World of Witches & Wizards 🌟🧙

Greetings to all the mystical beings of the West Midlands! From the spellbinding streets of Birmingham to the charming corners of Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, an unforgettable magical journey awaits at your very own party!

Step into Magic with Harry & Hermione 📚✨

Yes, you read that right! The beloved wizard duo, Harry and Hermione, are ready to bring the enchantment of their world right to your doorstep. We invite you and your guests to dress in your finest robes, step under the Sorting Hat, and discover which magical house will be your home. Will it be Gryffindor or perhaps another house that catches your fancy?

Let the Magical Games Begin! 🧹

Grab your wizard brooms and dive into an exhilarating game of Quidditch! Feel the rush and excitement as you zoom and dodge, competing for the golden snitch. But that’s not all – the magic continues as you join Harry and Hermione for a special potions class. Get ready to stir up some real slime and create other enchanting concoctions that will leave everyone in awe.

Preparing for Potion Making 🧪

Fear not, for we’ll send you a list of potion ingredients ahead of time, ensuring you have all the magical essentials for the day. From bubbling brews to glittery gloops, your potions class will be an adventure of its own.

Transform your party into a wondrous world where witches, wizards, and magical creatures roam. It’s not just a gathering; it’s an extraordinary experience that will enchant both the young and the young at heart.

Ready to make magic happen? Book Harry and Hermione for your party today and let the enchanting adventure begin right in the heart of the West Midlands! 🪄✨